About John Flower Productions

Video Production services for projects of every shape and size. Our work ranges from commercial production and corporate video, through live multi-camera productions and original programming.
One of our goals as a company is to use our expertise to make your job easier. So if you’re struggling with the differences between DVD and WMV, HD and FLV, and you need it all ASAP, give us a call and we’ll help you get through it!


They’re the words our company lives by. Different clients have different needs and different ways they need to spend their budgets. Our job is to get to know the client, understand their goals, and to use our experience to recommend the best way to utilize the budget. Our promise to every client is that we’ll complete each project on time, on budget, and with a sense of satisfaction that we’ve given the client a great product.


Struggling with your current video vendor? We’ve got experience with small budgets, big budgets, fast turnarounds, and pretty much any combination of other factors. We’d love to have an opportunity to work with you.

"Our entire school was so impressed with the whole camera crew. They did a fabulous job making the kids and the adults feel very comfortable. We’ve had others before but this group was excellent." "The footage is looking great. Great job - as usual." "I just wanted to thank you guys for some great work last week. I really thought you nailed every shot." "It was great to work with all of you. Everyone made me feel so comfortable. I could tell you had put together a really great team of people for the shoot and it was awesome to spend the day with all of them. I can't wait to see your vision come alive on my television! " "I thought your preparation and execution was outstanding. Thanks to John Flower who made sure we were on point. The guys looked marvelous and the production was top notch." "They stood up at the end and applauded at length!!" "Client used the word ‘Awesome’ to describe our new campaign. Thanks again for all your hard work! " "I was very impressed with our first show. Exactly what I had hoped for. A really nice combination of flavor outside of the stadium combined with a nice on camera look inside. What a great way to kick off a successful day of coverage. Nice job " "Love the edits and feel like they really helped bring the video to life. Good job!" "I just wanted to thank everyone who helped us put together a product I am very proud of - most notably the team at John Flower Productions - everyone came together to deliver exactly what we envisioned. Thanks and let’s keep it going!" "FABULOUS! The video was very well received." "I just wanted to thank you for your help this year. You did a great job...and saved my ass many a time and I appreciate it." "You’ve once again gone above and beyond the call of duty. " "I really appreciate all your help & talent" "THAT’S why we work with you! Thanks!" "Were your ears burning yesterday at around 4:00pm CST? The boss was absolutely singing the praises of you guys" "I wanted to thank you again for your efforts on the video. It was definitely a step up from last year’s, and we received some very positive feedback. I know we threw a lot at you, but we were able to get it all done, and the result is something we can all be proud of. I look forward to working with you again on any video needs that may arise!"